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[PSUP-125] I am trying to installl ubtools and I am Getting the error describe in page , when I go to homepage to get the evaluation key I see: you dont have access.. Created: 22/Oct/08  Updated: 13/Nov/08

Status: Closed
Fix Version/s: None

Type: ubTools - License Request Priority: Major
Reporter: Marcel Rosa Assignee: ubTools Support
Resolution: Customer Timeout Votes: 0

Product: itrprof SQL Analyzer

I'd like the license key for evaluation of ubtools , I put LICENSE_KEY=EVALUATION ,
try to run the analyzer and get the error about license, in the doc I see to go to homepage and get the license , but when I chick in the
homepage and go to the bottom I see other message:

You do not have the roles required to access this portlet.

Comment by ubTools Support [ 23/Oct/08 07:36 AM ]
Hello Marcel,

There are 2 different accounts at ubTools.com as defined at http://www.ubtools.com/web/public/about/news/new_ubtools_accounts.

Since you could create this issue, you had created a Support Account. To generate license keys or use ubTools Web Package as online, you need to create Portal Account.

For un-logged in users, there is "Sign In" link at the top of every pages. Click it and create a portal account. Then, log in. After log in, you will be get permission to generate license keys or run ubTools Web Package as online.

Let me know if you encounter a problem.


Comment by ubTools Support [ 28/Oct/08 09:03 AM ]
could you generate a license ?
Comment by ubTools Support [ 13/Nov/08 09:56 AM ]
Closing with "Customer Timeout" status.

[PSUP-120] I have installed ubTools, but when I click Analyze in itrprof it gives me an errror Created: 17/Jun/08  Updated: 19/Jun/08

Status: Closed
Fix Version/s: None

Type: ubTools - License Request Priority: Major
Reporter: Sofia Smolen Assignee: ubTools Support
Resolution: Answered Votes: 0

Product: itrprof SQL Analyzer

Exception: a.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: ppf-03 [0] : Initialization parameters error. Cause : java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Not a proper license key for the host RP-LPTP04. Action : Contact support.
a.a.a.c.a(Unknown Source)
a.a.b.a.rb.init(Unknown Source)
java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

I have generated license key for my host: RP-LPTP04.redpoint.com and entered this key in the itrprof.properties file.

Comment by ubTools Support [ 18/Jun/08 08:38 AM ]

According to the error message, you should generate a license key for RP-LPTP04, not for RP-LPTP04.redpoint.com.

Please regenerate, and let me know the result.


Comment by Sofia Smolen [ 18/Jun/08 01:47 PM ]
I generated license key for RP-LPTP04 and had an error 'Unauthorized access'. Then I generated key using my IP address, which did not work either. Unfortunately I did not save keys generated for RP-LPTP04. Is it possible to get key for RP-LPTP04 and why this key did not work?
Comment by ubTools Support [ 19/Jun/08 10:08 AM ]

The license key you generated emailed you.

You got Unauthorized access, because your IP address is not defined in webapps/ubtools/WEB-INF/classes/com/ubTools/servlet/itrprof/AuthorizedClients.txt

Or, you can use ubAdmin web page to setup ubTools product.

Comment by Sofia Smolen [ 19/Jun/08 07:45 PM ]
Thank you, the issue is resolved.
Comment by ubTools Support [ 19/Jun/08 07:48 PM ]

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